Sunday, July 31, 2011

The gospel is so true!

Hey Everyone,
What it do? Ya know honestly this past week and a half have been very difficult for me. On Saturday my thoughts were directed towards what was going on back at home. I’m only saying these things because it is the truth. As hard as it has been going through what I’ve been going through and knowing there are other members of my family that are having a hard time as I’ve continued to do the Saviors work I’ve been able to get through it all and with a smile on my face. It’s crazy how whenever I go through a trial on my mission when I am finished with it I am a stronger person. It’s the same way in life as well. Through all the things that I’ve gone through I’ve become stronger and stronger as I’ve endured through them. I think back to February when I came back out to the mission. It wasn’t easy at all. It was very difficult. There were times where I wanted to just bounce, but I didn’t. I endured through them. God put miracles in my path which made me fired up for everything. God has helped me out so much through this past week and through this trial.
I have a great companion right now and there are wonderful members of the church that help me through it but most importantly the Savior felt what each and every one of us go through. He felt the sorrow I’m feeling at this very second. The reason he went through all of this is for us! One of my favorite verses about the Savior is in Alma chapter 7:11-13 where it talks about all of this. I know that as I’ve learned more about the Savior, I have felt so much more peace through all of the trials I’ve gone through lately. It’s been great to get to know Him more lately.
I have had two experiences this week where I have got to bear my testimony where we go after this life. It has been amazing how much my testimony has grown. I’ve been able to tell people where our loved ones go. As I’ve done this I felt my Grandmother. I know where she is and it is such a great assurance to know where she is and to know she is with me in my missionary work. My lessons on the plan of salvation and my testimony now means so much more to me. It is not just words. I was able to teach from my heart and as I did, it was just so spiritual. I know that I’m having a hard time but all is well because this is what I want to be doing, this is what my Grandma wants me to be doing and my Savior as well. The gospel is so true! Christ is our savior and God loves us all!
I want to shout out to my Grandpa. Grandpa Jackson you are an amazing man! If you guys don’t know this man then I encourage you to get to know him if you get a chance! He is an amazing man. He helped Audrey (My Grandma) be who she was and she helped him be who he is. They have been the greatest example of how a marriage should be! He has a huge heart and a great knowledge of the gospel. We all love you Grandpa! I do especially. Growing up I didn’t appreciate what my Grandpa would do for me. He would try to help me so much but I would kinda just brush what he said to the side. He cared so much about me and loves me so much that he would just keep on trying. Persistence can be annoying but it is so necessary. He is a great person! You are in our prayers Grandpa! I love you so much!
I want to thank you all for all you do! I hope all is well! Keep on keepin on and remember to do what Jesus would do!

Love Elder Weston William Reay

First pic is of me in front of a fence that says Midland on it

The second one is of me owning the zone leader Elder Thompson. Having a good time

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