Monday, March 22, 2010

Well hello there, What is everyone up to? How is edna doing? Do you guys miss me yet? Well I have a few things to ask of you. Could you please send my patriarchal blessing and I would really enjoy it if you would send me a package of like t-bone or like something good. Some cookies or like something way good. K well now I'm going to tell you a bit about my time here at the MTC. The first day I got here was so stinkin long, I seriously thought it was never going to end. Thursday and Friday were just about as long but we had gym so that was always nice. I thought that Saturday was going to be the longest day of my life but it wasn't that bad. Usually missionaries don't get gym time on Saturdays but we did on Saturday and I don’t’ know why but that's OK with me. I really do love the district that I'm in. There are people from Arizona in my district and Wisconsin and Washington. We have some super cool zone leaders leaving tomorrow so we are all kinda bummed about that. So 4 of the missionaries in my district are going to Spokane Washington and us other 4 missionaries are going to Lubbock. Did Clark go to Spokane? I thought that was where he went but I am not quite sure. Ya so those elders going to Washington are pretty cool but not near as cool as us Texas missionaries. My companion is Elder Braunburger and he is pretty chill. He is really awkward sometimes but I just try not to let it get to me. and its usually all good cause the other elders are around. We have two room mates that are going to Lubbock, Elder Wittwer and Elder Eppich(epic). Elder Wittwer is from St. George and Elder Eppich is from Washington. Those two are going to be the new zone leaders tomorrow. Me and epic man get along pretty good. He is freakin tight so I hope we are companions out in Texas in the near future. We have done a lot of really fun things besides spiritual stuff.. We got our scripture marking pen things and if you turn the flash on your camera on and take a picture making it look like your holding it you look like you have a light saber in your hand. I'm sending Sean a pic of it. We have played some basketball and tore it up. I finally saw all the people that I know from Springville here. I saw sister Keele and got a picture with her so send that to Dena when you get it please. its so nice when I see like Bankhead or Logan or Robert cause it seriously like brightens the days, but time is starting to go by faster so I cant wait for that. We went to the temple this morning and it was really awesome as usual. The celestial room is so spiritual I just sat there and prayed. I have felt the spirit so much since I got here and I love it. Feeling the spirit is without a doubt the coolest thing ever. I need to learn how to teach with it cause I could convert anyone if they felt the spirit like I have these last couple days. Porter probably could if he could get them to feel the spirit that's how amazing it is. Well our schedule for week days besides p-days is pretty much wake up at 630 eat breakfast at 7 then go to the classroom and get taught by an I’m. for like 3 hours. Every time he teaches I swear I'm just gonna fall asleep. Then we have lunch and stuff and do like personal and companionship study for 2 hours then after that we have a different teacher come in and teach us and I usually get more out of his lessons cause he’s more on my level and I'm not so tired. Vaughn Prague should get a job teaching at the MTC ha ha.. I only have like 30 minutes to talk about the longest 4 days of my life. I saw Glazier the other day and I'm actually gonna give him the letters that I wrote to Dad, Sean, Dena and Dylan along with some pictures that we've been taking. It will say who the pictures are for on the back then just send Dena my letter and picture if you would. Thanks mom your the best. So anyways I'm so grateful that we have the plan of salvation and the atonement. because through the atonement we can repent of our sins and if we endure to the end then we will live with our families again and that is awesome because I love my family so much and I’ve been thinking of that lately. Tomorrow we are teaching an investigator but I'm pretty sure it’s a fake one like Dena and Kelly Jensen did that one day. I don’t’ know what I'm gonna teach them but hopefully its good. I will just try and teach with the spirit and teach him everything I know. The MTC is so much different than I expected. the food freakin sucks cause it makes me have gas and ya it blows. It tastes OK tho. Well send me some stuff my times almost up. I love you so much. Thanks for the support. Take care

-Elder Reay

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