Monday, March 29, 2010

Hey family,
What’s up?
How is everyone?
What’s going on in Springville?
How is Dena? She leaves the MTC down there tomorrow. That is so freaking insane.
The MTC is good. I swear this week flew by so fast. The days were long but not as long as last week and like the week seemed to fly
I’m so glad you sent me that package.
Ya so please send that along with anything else you desire to send me.

So ya we go to these things called TA's and we teach fake investigators. It’s like what Kelly Jensen and Dena did that one time and the fake investigator people usually go cause it’s a great learning experience for them and they feel the spirit so strong. We taught two different people this week at the TA and they were both really good experiences for me. We taught a guy in a wheel chair who I think looks just like dj clay from classic skating and it was a good experience. His part was to play a kid in his 20's that used to be active but is no longer active so we didn’t really know what to teach him or how we were gonna teach him for 45 minutes but it was really easy and the spirit just guided us so much in that lesson. We get to know the people were teaching so much cause it helps us love them so much I think and I felt like it was a real investigator and a real life situation and I felt so bad for him cause he stopped going to church for no reason and that happens every day and I feel bad for people like that. The next lady was from like Sweden or something like that but she didn’t have an accent. She was like 60 and she was a real tough lady to teach but the spirit in that room when we were teaching was so freaking strong. It honestly was over whelming and I just wanted her to believe everything we were saying and she was really interested in what we were saying cause she saw how much we loved it and how we know its true. I just kept telling her that she could know too if she prays about it cause I believe that to be true. So ya both those were way good experiences for me. We are teaching the guy in the wheelchair on Tuesday again and we are teaching the old lady on Friday. Hopefully it goes good. If the spirit directs me to do so I'm gonna ask the old lady to be baptized. Hopefully the spirit will be so strong that she wont be able to say no cause that would be a really cool experience. Then another experience we had we went to the referral center where we call people who have ordered book of Mormons and stuff that aren’t lds and it’s really discouraging. I've talked to a few people that were interested I think. One lady I sent missionaries to her house but that’s about it in two hours but back to the original story... so I call this guy and ask if mark (I made the name up) was there and the guy asked who I was and I told him I’m elder Reay from the church of Jesus Christ of ladder day saints and he went off. He was dropping F bombs and saying all sorts of swear words and seriously right at that moment I felt crushed. Just to know that people act like that is so discouraging. It hit me and made me realize that its probably gonna happen out on my mission and I cant get down about it I just have to keep on keepin on as Joe dirt would say. So the guy was cussing me out and instead of saying anything I just hung up. I wish I could have been as strong as Joseph smith and told them silence in the name of Jesus Christ I will not listen to another word of his foul language like Joseph smith did in liberty jail. But I’m not strong enough like he was. Joseph smith is so amazing and I love him. My testimony is growing so much. I bore my testimony yesterday in sacrament. I don’t really remember what I said but it was pretty good. I need to start doing it more so ill be comfortable up on that stand. We also taught a lesson to our district on hope yesterday and it went well but the part I thought went really good was another companionship was teaching about charity and love and I felt prompted to get up and share that story that I used in my talk about the boy that was gonna kill himself and it was really good. Our district is really spiritual and its pretty cool. I love our zone tho. Some of the new missionaries are a little different but their district leader is tight. He has a way strong testimony. Elder Haueter says he loves you all. He is my boy. Me him and Epic are gonna join a mens league after our missions and were gonna be called the stripling warriors. Its gonna be way dope. Well I’m running short on time. I love here how we all have at least one thing in common and that’s the fact that we want to serve the lord and bring as many others as we can unto Christ. That to me is just cool and I feel like I can talk to any of these missionaries and its cool. It’s cool that I know like 15 people in here. Send me pictures and that shirt and more food if you’d like. The food here blows. Especially yesterday and that was after we had faster for 24 stinkin hours. I miss you guys so much and think about you all the time. I hope everything is great back at home. I love what I’m doing and love this gospel. Next time you hear from me ill be in Texas cause we fly out in a week from today at 6 in the morning. Expect to maybe get a call from me early next Monday morning. If not ill call you in Dallas during our 4-hour layover. Keep up the great work and tell everyone I say hi. I love you so much!

Love, Elder Reay

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