Monday, April 5, 2010

Hello everyone,
What a week this last week has been here in the mtc.
I don’t really remember allot about Tuesday or what I did but I remember I was getting really excited because the days were getting shorter and it was about that time for me to fly to Texas.
So Wednesday comes along and imp in gym playin some basketball. I drive with the ball do a jump stop and look to pass when my kneecap pops out of place. I could literally feel my kneecap rolling around in my leg and I just fell to the ground. I was on the ground rolling around just screaming but I will have you know that I did not say one swear word so be proud. So finally the trainers in the gym come pick me up and I went and sat in their little office for like an hour while they were just cranking on my knee. The guy popped my knee completely back into place and it was pretty gross. After that they sent me over to the clinic here at the mtc and when I started out on crutches I was like the worst person who has ever had to use crutches ever. It was terrible. I sat in the clinic for like 30 minutes and I was in so much pain the whole time. I was in more pain than when I broke my face. Finally when the doctor came he didn’t really do much but give me a brace the size of my leg and to tell you the truth he seemed like he woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Maybe that was just cause I was in pain I don’t know. So he send me over across the street to get x-rays of my knee and the doctor that did my x-rays was even more ornery than the one at the mtc. So the x-rays are done and I head back over to the clinic at the mtc and he found out I had dislocated my knee so we set up and appointment for me to go meet with the sports medicine guy the next morning and the doc hooked me up with some loratabs. The worst part of the day was when the secretary called my mom and I was sitting right there and I could hear her and I just wanted to talk to her but I couldn’t. It was like abuse or something. So the rest of the day seemed so long. I went back to my room and just slept. All I could think about was whether or not I was gonna get delayed and have to stay here in the mtc longer which I did not want to do at all. Later that night I asked Elder Epoch to give me a blessing and he did a good job and asked for me to be healed in time for Monday so I could fly out on time but I didn’t have like any faith that it was gonna happen cause I was in so much pain. Maybe if I had better faith a miracle would have happened like it says in ether 12:12. I felt like two of the talks at priesthood were directed right to me cause that’s what elder oaks talked about and it really hit me that maybe if I would have had more faith then I could have been healed. So the next day we went to the sports medicine place and the doctor told me that I did dislocate my knee and that I tore my mcl and I might have tore my meniscus so the doc told me I have to wait a couple weeks and go to physical therapy and that I have to come see him in two weeks which like really just made me depressed. He also gave me a littler brace that actually feels ten times better. After that the shuttle came and picked me back up and we came back and set up a time for the physical therapist and I actually went that very day. Once I got back from therapy which sucked and hurt like Hannah, I went and met with the district president and he is way chill and he said were planning on me flying out of here on the 19th of April so hopefully time flies and I wont be in too much pain. The best part of that day was when I got to talk to my parents and brother. When my mom answered she didn’t even know it was I then when she did I just broke down and started bawling. I felt like the biggest wuss. I guess there were just so many emotions going through me at that very moment that it just made me cry. After I settled down we had a good chat and it cheered me up. I know that there are allot of people looking up to me so I have to just hold my head up high and keep on keepin on. I will be able to learn so much more with my extra time here in the mtc that I need to take advantage of it.
One thing I wanted to tell you all is how the lord works in mysterious ways. So the day before I hurt my knee my mom sent me something on (use it everyone) but I didn’t get it until after I got hurt. It was like my mom knew I was gonna to get hurt cause it talked about how this situation imp in has already happened and how I react is on me. I could just be really depressed about my situation or I can make something good come from this. I know that the lord works in mysterious ways and I know that everything happens for a reason and I know imp on his time and when imp ready to go to Texas I will be ready cause he is preparing me. I know that he loves all of and I know that he will bless our families. He gives us trials to make us stronger and this is like one of the biggest trials I have ever had to endure. I know that missionaries are blessed and so are their families and imp so grateful that I have a dad that is a worthy priesthood holder and that my mom is so strong in the church or else I wouldn’t be here. imp grateful for my whole family they are the best ever and I can only thank god because he blessed me with them. I know this church is true and everything about it is just so right. Joseph Smith did restore this church and he was so cool and amazing. Jesus is our savior and that is what imp out here to share to the people of Texas. That is my testimony and I know these things to be true.
Everyone needs to send me letters cause imp going to need him or her. Send some packages. I love you all.
P.S. Robert White who is going to Lubbock as well has been delayed due to asthma problems so maybe ill get to fly out with him. My district left today and I miss them. Love you all so much. Take care

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