Monday, April 12, 2010

Hey I've never written this late. I didn’t do laundry today cause vie been so busy
I've just been chillin with the district that’s gonna leave
They did laundry this morning but didn’t wake me. I'm kinda bummed
Now I’ll just have to do it tomorrow.
I’m not gonna lie I’m ready to get out of here tho.
I love my new teacher Brother Marlowe.
He makes fun of me for roller-skating but its all-good cause has so flippin funny and spiritual
I haven’t had any really crazy exciting stories this week so this email will probably be pretty short
I have been reading alot of the Book of Mormon.
I decided while I’m here that I am going to try and finish it by the time I leave.
I am done with 2 Nephi and I started on Thursday so that’s pretty good.
Its hard to study with my new district around cause they are really loud
I actually yelled at them and told them that they disrupted my study time and that the spirit left my study time
I told them that the lord is disappointed in them when they act like that
I'm not the district leader or zone leader but yet I am the one that has to whip these elders into shape
The worst ones are the zone leaders too
I chewed them out pretty good.. Please
Keep sending letters and packages and what not.
I miss you all and I am gonna strive to learn as much as I can
I have been trying to help out some of the other elders that are in here
Some of them have a hard time and imp trying to help them at least get the doctrine down
The church is true and I love it
I love what imp doing
It makes me so happy
Nothing could make me this happy
Although if my knee was better id be happier
Keep your heads up everyone.
God has a plan for each and every single on of us and puts us through trials to make us grow
All we have to do is endure to the end and we will be happy.
keep on keepin on everyone
I love you all.

-Elder Reay

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