Monday, April 19, 2010

Howdy y'all
How are you?
How’s everyone doing?
I’m praying for Hay that all will go well tomorrow.
I’m so excited for her and for Sean.
Porter is gonna be so amazing to his little sister.
I know he will be the cutest little kid to her.
I’m sad ill miss it.
How’s Dylan?
He’s gay cause he doesn’t write me.
Well this past week was pretty good.
Not alot really happened up until Thursday besides just normal studies.
so Thursday I got up and headed over to sports medicine doctor and he told me I need more motion in my knee before he'll send me out but I wasn’t too bummed about it cause I know that I wouldn’t want to be in Texas gimping around on crutches. after I got back I called my parents and that was amazing as always. I probably talked to them alot longer then I should have but oh well I enjoyed it and it made my day. Robert White left to Lubbock on that Thursday morning as well. I was definitely jealous. k so I have this new companion from Idaho named Elder White and he was in the district that came in after me but had to stay behind for a surgery on his meniscus so they paired us up. He had to get surgery that Thursday at 1:00 so we headed over to the surgical center at like 12:30 and we waited for the doctor till about 4:45 and we were dying for some food and poor Elder White hadn’t been able to eat cause of surgery so he was even more hungry. So while we were waiting I saw brother Priest and I was so psyched when I saw him. He let me and Elder Hamilton sit in his office on his way comfy recliners and I knew that he was gonna teach us. That man is amazing! I love him. He can teach like none other. He knows his stuff. So he was teaching us while we were waiting and he grabbed me a coca cola. It was so nice to finally have some caffeine even tho it wasn’t a Pepsi. So finally the doctor is there and does the surgery and all that mumbo jumbo and brother priest decided since we missed our wonderful tasting dinner here at the MTC that he would buy us a brick oven pizza. Man that was amazing. I love him so much. imp gonna write him a thank you card soon. So we finally got back to the MTC at like 830. We were at the surgical center forever and it sucked. Its pretty funny cause now my companion and me are both on crutches and we just crutch around together and everyone always asks us if were companions. We just might be the most popular elders at the MTC. So Friday rolls around and I was so psyched for my package cause it was going to have my beloved t-bone. So I get my package and I came to find out that those mailroom tools had thrown away my freaking Chinese food. I was very angry but whatever it’s all good. I had physical therapy on Friday and it hurt mucho. I got my calf massaged and my calf is strained like big time cause all the swelling I had. I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my knee mom and dad. But ya I have physical therapy on Tuesday Wednesday and Friday this week and hopefully ill never have to go back to physical therapy while imp here. My knee is getting better. I can ride the bikes easy here at the MTC and I go for like 30 minutes so that’s pretty bueno. One of my new roommates Elder Gest is like the biggest tool ever! He has the dumbest sense of humor and is always just saying stuff to get on my nerves and I just want to slap him cause it’s my room. I've been in that room for like 35 days and let him come in my room so I get really irritated by him. He like knocks my white shirt on the ground then doesn’t pick it up then when I ask him about it he says ya I forgot to pick it up and walks right by it as its still on the ground. That freakin tool. After this Wednesday ill have had to watch 5 districts leave which is more than twice as many as I should have seen leave. So Saturday night brother Marlowe taught and has amazing. Has a convert and went on a mission and he is my hero. I pray that I can be as good of a missionary as him. I love him. Can you have Aubrey Whitaker write me her convert story and send it ASAP please? Before I leave cause he would love to hear about it. Priesthood meeting yesterday was amazing. We had a testimony meeting about the atonement and Elder Slam told the push up story and I tired up cause I remember that lesson bill gave in Africa and cause how much the savior suffered. I love the savior and what has done for all of us has amazing! Yesterday I read from Alma. Read Alma chapters 5,7,and 9. They are amazing! Oh one more thing I met and elder who beat Cody Dennis in state last year in wrestling and he is going to new deli so I let him read that story about bill. I hope all is well I love you all and miss and think and pray for you all. Write me soon. Oh and pray for the people of Texas they need them!

-Elder Reay

PS Travi leaves tomorrow

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