Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hello hello,
So I've now been here for like almost a week and it’s gone by pretty fast actually. I'm finally in a set location and am not sure if I will be here after this upcoming transfer in a week and a half but we'll see I guess. I am in Abilene, Texas if you wanna look it up. So anyways ill start off by telling you how everything was day by day. So Friday I flew in to Lubbock. The assistant to the president’s aka AP's picked me up. They were really cool. Elder funhouse and Elder Bradshaw. They told me right when I got there that I am going to have at least one baptism a month on my mission, which got me really excited. So then I got my bags and stuff and met President and Sister Robison. They are like the nicest people and I love them. After that we drove over to Texas roadhouse and had some steak. It was DANK. Then we went over and I met up with Elder Watson and Elder willed who were on transfers. I tracked the rest of the night with them but we didn’t have very much success but it was still cool to actually get out there and do it. So Saturday morning rolled around and I got up, studied then around ten I went and bought my helmet. It was a rip-off 40 bucks for a helmet. But its a really nice one and will last me the whole mission I think. So after that I got dropped off with Elder hostler. (Elder Hostler is a greenie like me.) We went tracting in some apartment complex and we did well. We set up two appointments, which is pretty good and talked to alot of people. So pretty much the rest of the day we tracted and stuff. Sunday was alot alike Saturday but this time we all were together. We just tracted after stake conference and so it was cool I guess. Monday we taught two really good lessons to investigators and I actually like spoke up and said some stuff.
So I was bummed when I had to leave Lubbock but I was going to be heading up to San Angelo Thursday where I was supposed to be serving with the zone leaders Elder Bowden and Elder Sargeant (Sam Sargeant's cousin) so I was excited to be with them. They are both really cool and I know they will be successful and they would have taught me well. So Wednesday morning after I had unpacked and got situated President Robison called the ap's and told them that he changed his mind about where he wanted me and they drove me up to Abilene to be with Elder haying. He is way cool and he wanted me to tell all y'all hi. He likes to play ball like me so that’s sick. He’s from Vegas and he is tight. So yesterday what he did was brought me around and introduced me to all the ward members. The way he works and its the way missionaries are supposed to work is with and through the members. I know that I am going to be successful and learn alot from him. There are alot of really good people in the ward. Well I don’t have much else to write. I’m going to gain weight cause we always have dinner appointments signed up. uh ya can’t wait to hear from all you guys it will be cool. My address is

3402 state sty. apt B
Abilene, TX 79603

So everyone can start writing me emails and I will write back for sure. Thanks for all your love and support! I love you all so much!
-Elder Reay

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