Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hey y'all
It’s p-day so I'm writing. First off Sunday was so sweet when I got to talk on the phone with my family. They are amazing and no ones family can compare to being as cool as mine. I promise! So this last week we've spent a lot of time with the members so in case I stay here and Elder Haynie doesn’t, that I’ll be good friends with all of them. The members here are awesome. the Comptons, the Williams, the Slaughters and Diane Wright. They are all really good people and they are good to us. I’ve been fed food like every night I’ve been here except for on Saturday night because we did a mission wide fast. I felt the unity as we were fasting and can tell that we are going to do great. So ya, I found out today that the lady that I home taught in Springville, Sister Susan Hawks' nephew is in my district and we hung out with him a few times. It’s a small world. I hung out with Elder Sergeant on Tuesday again. He is Sam's cousin and he is a really nice guy. We had district meeting and I was kinda nervous cause we had to teach. But me and Elder Haynie did good. We are hoping to have at least one baptism date by the end of this transfer so we'll see what the spirit has in store for the next few lessons we will teach. It all depends on what the promptings of the spirit are. So ya I’ve learned alot since I’ve been out here. Last night we played basketball at the church for mutual and a bunch of black guys showed up and Elder Haynie and I played good so they invited us to play with them Monday and Tuesday nights. We might try and teach some of them. They are really cool guys and I could see some of them listening to what we have to say. It was fun to play ball although I didn’t even do much. Ya so, I’m excited to figure out what’s going on for this next transfer. Hopefully me and Elder Haynie stay here in Abilene cause we didn’t get to stay together for very long. He’s a good guy. Enjoy the pictures. Me and a sweet bus,Me and my new comp Elder Haynie. goofy one I’ll send more another time. I love you all and so does God!!

-Elder Reay

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