Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hey Mom how are you? I miss you! I'm still in Abilene so you know and I’m still with Elder Haynie so I’m pretty excited about that cause I’ve been moved around alot so it was nice to know I’m staying here with the same comp. I don’t think I’m gonna write a email for my blog this week cause I’m feeling really lazy right now and we haven’t done a whole lot this last week. (As his Mom I am adding this because I feel like he is dong great and I want everyone to know) We’ve been working but just not a whole lot of success with teaching investigators. But good news Elder Haynie has been teaching this guy who has a girlfriend who is a member and they have a kid together and they had a date for baptism with him. Then we found out him and his girlfriend are gonna move in together so they were like you can’t be baptized if that’s the case so we went and taught him on Saturday then the next day we found out they are getting married. Then he wants to be baptized so that will be way cool. We have a few other investigators that we are gonna baptize too. So how’s the home life? How’s everyone doin? But yeah a little more about Abilene 1st ward is the members are way nice and always hook us up with food. So Ashley Eriksson grandparents are in the third ward and her two older brothers were staying down here and Elder Christenson who is in that area told me about the Eriksson from Springville and I was like no way and I totally know them. Small world eh? So Sister Hawk’s nephew is my new district leader which is pretty cool has a really cool kid. Things are going great mom! I hope all is well back home and I pray for you everyday. The blessings will start pouring in soon I know it! If you can find some good church cds or some josh groan send me it. And I need Dylan’s email address and Dad needs to write me. I love you Mom. Take care

Love Elder Reay

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