Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Baptism!!! Really!

Hey guys,
What up? How are you guys doin? I hope all is well back in the other
various parts of the world. Well this last week was an awesome week!
Saturday was Xassails baptism and it went really good. We had to
confirm him at the baptism as well because he was going to be out of
town on Sunday to Dallas. he was really excited and we've visited him
a few times since. He is still really excited to keep learning. On
Sunday after church we met with Matt and Aveline and it was so good. I
set the date with them to be baptized on the 4th of September and it
will go through hands down! I'm so excited for them. The gospel has
already blessed their lives so much! I love them so much! On Tuesday
we had zone conference and it went good. We learned a lot about how we
can become better teachers and it's true. We will become better
teachers! After that we drove back to Abilene and then drove out to
Stamford to visit Matt and Aveline. We taught them the plan of
salvation and they loved it! It was cool. So things have been going
awesome! We are trying really hard to find new investigators! The last
few days have been cooler than others so we have been riding our
bikes. My butt is so freaking sore guys! I'm glad I'm gonna have a day
off that seat and I can rest my bum! Well thanks for everything guys!
keep on keepin on. I love you all!

Love Elder Reay

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