Thursday, August 19, 2010

Things here are going great!

How is everything? Things here are going great! To start off my new companion and me Elder Potter are working really hard! It is so hot out there but we still do what we came here to do! It was great! We have seen a lot of great things happening. Sunday we had 7 investigators to church and that was really cool. I felt like I was in Brazil for a split second (lol). We taught a lot of lessons on Sunday as well and we felt the spirit through out the whole day! We have been teaching Sonya's soon to be son in law and we taught him the first lesson the other day and the spirit was so strong and he really wants to know if the Book of Mormon is true and if this church is the true church. I’m so excited for him. We also taught Xassiel's (I guess it’s with an x and not a y. He told me a y but now he said it’s an x) brother Tony the first and he liked it a lot. We are expecting to have a lot of people at church this Sunday so I’m excited. Xassiel is getting baptized in two days. I wasn’t sure how excited he was or if he really knows that this is the true church but as we have visited him almost everyday this week I am seeing so much growth from him and seeing how excited he is to be baptized. He is making great steps to change his life and will be so blessed! The work is going great out here. I’m loving it and the time is flying! Can you believe I’ve been gone for 5 months? It’s crazy huh? Thanks for all "y'alls" support and all "y'all" do for my amazing family and me! I love you all and may god bless you!

Love Elder Reay

(mom i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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