Thursday, September 2, 2010

Attacked by German Shepherds

Hey people in various parts of the world,
How are y'all? Things out here in Texas are hot but good. The work is going forward and there is so much to be done. We were supposed to be having a baptism on the 4th but it isn’t going to go through because they are both on probation. It is a rule but it sure made me depressed. The next step that these people need to make in their lives is baptism and they know that too! They are the most solid investigators I’ve ever heard of. Matt reads every night and has to force himself to stop reading so he can go to bed. I love them so much and they’ve changed their lives so much already and now all they need to do is get baptized. It’s going to change their lives even more! I was also very nervous how they were gonna take it. I had a feeling Matt would be ok but Avelin is who I was not sure about. They both took it ok. They said they understand it’s a rule and they will do whatever they have to. I hope that I will be here for the day that they do get baptized cause it will be such a great/spiritual day for them. So we are still going to try and get some baptisms by the end of this transfer. We are going to meet with Eric and Pony tonight and set a date with them. They are going to love the plan of salvation and if we can get them to read the Book of Mormon and come to church, I know that they will be baptized! Things are going awesome here! I love this work and am grateful for the opportunity to be here! I am also very grateful for all your prayers and support! You guys are the best! I love you all. Keep on keepin on!

Love Elder Weston Reay

P.S. Last p-day we got attacked by German shepherds. We put fat suits on and had to run away from these German shepherds and they took us down. I had to go first and I was scared out of my mind. I took off running and turned back and saw that dog running at me and I screamed. It grabbed me with its mouth at my wrist and flipped me. We all did it and it was awesome! Such a fun p-day. I got it on video but the video isn’t too great. If you ever get the chance to do it I highly recommend it! It’s a blast!

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