Thursday, June 16, 2011

We had a legit week!

Hey Everybody,
Things here in Midland are going good. We had a legit week last week. We have been using the members a lot more lately and it is helping so much more. The investigators we are teaching are feeling more apart of the branch. The branch here is really like a family. We tell people when we meet them that the YSA branch is really just kids who are away from home who are trying to do the right thing. Who doesn’t want motivation to be better? You'd be surprised actually ha ha. It’s all good cause we are using the members which is way more effective. I encourage anyone who gets a chance to go out teaching with the missionaries to take them up cause its such a great opportunity to serve.
We brought a member out with us last night and after we taught she said "I swear I get more out of your lessons then the people your teaching". It’s so true though. It’s amazing how the gospel works. The people doing the service are the ones being so blessed. I have seen blessings on my mission and they have come to my family. I would rather my parents and siblings receive the blessings from my service as well. If it wasn’t for my wonderful family who would I be? Who knows where but I wouldn’t be here. I’m so grateful for them.
This last Sunday we had a good turnout at church. We invited our next door neighbor to church one day and he said he wanted to come. He is from Mexico and his mom is from Brazil. He is such a humble guy. He was so receptive to what was being taught and how it was being taught(by the spirit). On the way home from church we asked him what he thought about church and he said that he loved the vibe. It was a positive vibe and he liked it. He came to FHE with us as well and he loved it. Inviting people out to activities and involving them is where it’s at! It’s been such a blessing to see how important all this stuff is.
CJ came to church and he liked it. He introduced himself in gospel principals and said "I'm CJ and I'm getting baptized on my birthday and Elder Reay is gonna be baptizing me". it was so cool and it made me feel like I’ve done some good in the world. He is changing and has given up some things and we are seeing happiness come into his heart and into his life
Yesterday we had interviews with President and Sister Robison. It was my last time seeing them until I get home. It was very hard on me! I am going to miss them. I got choked up when I was talking to them and in my interview. I know without a doubt that all the mission presidents throughout the world are called from God. I feel like President Robison and Sister Robison were called to this mission to help Elder Reay. I’m sure a lot of missionaries feel that way too. They truly are inspired and I’m so grateful for them. One of the things that President and I talked about was LOVE. He told me that God has truly blessed me with a big heart. I will let just about anyone in that wants in and that’s a blessing especially in missionary work. It’s something that I’ve noticed so much lately. Every time I think about it I think about Dena’s farewell talk which was like 17 and 1/2 months ago. She talked about how love drives the work and it’s so true. It’s crazy to think that President and Sister Robison are leaving and also that Dena will be picked up in less than two weeks. It will be bittersweet moments. I’m so grateful for the examples I have in all of you and especially my family. And when I say my family and I mean my family and my mission parents (President and Sister Robison). Thanks for all you do! Keep on keepin on!

Love Elder Reay

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