Thursday, June 9, 2011

Things here are going great.

Hey Everyone,
How's it going? Things here are going great. I'm going to be honest the reason why my emails the past couple weeks have been less about missionary work and more about my growth is because I've been in a bit of a slump. I kinda felt a little down about everything that was going on. I had a wonderful phone call with one of the assistants and it was a great talk. It re-motivated me to be better. It really helped me remember what my purpose as a missionary is. My purpose is really to love people and help them recieve the joy that the gospel will bring and it comes through baptism and recieving the Holy Ghost!
So lately we have been teaching this guy named CJ who is a part member family and he is way cool. he wasn't too receptive at first but the other day when we were over there I just applied the love I have for him to the lesson. He has so much more respect for me now and he is a way cool guy. We went over last night and taught him with a recent convert. We taught him about God and how God has blessed him with so many things. He has come a long way from where he was before. The spirit was so strong in the lesson and I felt nothing but love. We didn't go in there and just teach a lesson. We taught a person and focused on his needs. We built the lesson up to baptism. We set a baptismal date with him. He said he wants to be baptized but only if he gets to choose who baptizes him. Of course he gets to choose right? So he is getting baptized on the 30th of June which is his birthday. By the time we left he told me he wanted me to baptize him. I have learned that if I really love the people and go in there and be their friends then that's when the conversion is going to come. His heart has been softened by something so simple. I'm so grateful for all I'm learning.
We taught another guy last night who we've seen only one other time before. We taught him with jeremy (One of Elder Eppich's converts)and it was amazing! Jeremy said that it was like deja vu cause he felt the same way when he was investigating the church. He was able to bear strong testimony that Michael would be ready to be baptized if he continues to read about the Book of Mormon and ask God if it's true. I know that Michael felt the spirit and really wants to know. We applied so much love to the lesson with Michael that it was amazing.
I am so grateful to be blessed with a family who taught me how to love and to have such an open heart. I know the gospel is true and that Jesus Christ is my savior. That's where it's at! The happiness comes through being righteous!
Thanks for all you guys do! keep on keepin on!

Love Elder Weston Reay

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