Thursday, July 7, 2011

Look at those ties!!!

Hey friends and family,
I hope all went well picking up Dena. I'm so happy your with her right now. That is so awesome.
Please give her a fat hug from her bro Weston. Things here are good, Elder Tolbert left on Tuesday and went up to Lubbock. The end of the transfer is in about a week so that's when I'll get a new companion
Elder Weldon and I are getting a long better. It's weird how I have so much time during emails the past two weeks cause I haven't gotten any emails from my family. It's all good
I know they care and are doing good.
It's crazy to think that I'll be home in like a little over 8 months.Time is flying
I only have like 5 or 6 transfers left. I've been back for 4 already. It seems like I just got here
These pics I'm sending are cool. One is of Elder Tolbert and I in our puzzle ties. I made them both with my bare hands. The other one was a cool billboard.
CJ is doing good. We had to move his baptism to the tenth of July. He smoked a cig yesterday but it was good for him, he learned he has to put more trust in the Lord rather than rely on temporal things.
I'm learning and growing a lot.
We have met a lot of cool new people this week. I am excited to see where we get from them. You never know.
Sorry this is so short. But I am all fired up and ready for a new week. Have a great one yourselves.
Love Wes

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