Thursday, July 7, 2011

I’ve been thinking about progression a lot lately.

Hello to all,
It’s cha boii. It’s been a while since my mom has posted a blog for me cause she was out of town. She was in the Dominican Republic picking up my amazing sister.
Today I am going to do a shout out post; first I’m gonna shout out to my sister Dena who finished her mission and all I hear and all I’ve heard from her mission is how amazing she is. We all knew that she would be that type of person! She was the best missionary ever! She touched so many lives while in the service of God and she is such an example to me and all around her!
The second shout out is to the rest of my family! I’m glad that you are all where you are and safe and home!
I would also like to shout out to Sister Slaughter. I got to talk to her on Sunday and man that was one of the best phone calls. It was comparable to the phone call home on Mothers Day (sorry Mom). It was great to talk to her and just see how she’s doing and to see how much faith in the Savior she has and how she’s such a great member of the church! She is nothing but amazing and if anyone ever goes to Abilene, Texas you have to see her. Abilene wouldn’t be Abilene without the Slaughters!
The final two shout outs will be to President and Sister Robison and President and Sister Augustin. I am going to miss the Robison’s so much! They will always be in my heart! Great people! We had the opportunity yesterday to meet the new Mission President and his wife. They are great people. President Augustin was a public relations rep. for the church and has spent a lot of time with Apostles and Prophets. He is a very energetic man and so full of love. He will do great things in this mission. He told us things I think we all needed to hear.
What I’ve been up to is just the usual. Last week was kind of a down week. Our investigator that we were teaching smoked so he wasn’t able to get baptized this last week. It was a bummer and we just kinda let him learn on his own and stuff. We didn’t talk to him much over the weekend. We met up with him last night and it went well. We set some goals with him that will help him progress in the gospel more and really prepare him for his baptism. I’ve been thinking about progression a lot lately. There’s been a few times in my mission where I’ve just been content with who I was and how I was working. I’ve learned that you always have to be working on something. If you aren’t working on something and refining yourself then your not progressing and if your not progressing your digressing. I’ve learned that I always have to find something to work on and be better. I want to be a successful missionary and a successful person in life and if I apply that to my work and to my life then I know I will be a successful person. I’ve learned as I’ve worked on things that I need I’ve seen more growth than any other time. I love seeing the growth in myself and in others. I challenge everyone who reads these blogs to find something that you can refine about you and make better. Then to work on that and as you do you will be a better person and be happy. It’s cool to see it.
I also would like to share another experience that we had on Tuesday after institute. We went and taught these 3 young single adults. We met them the week before and what we wanted to do was go in there and just teach them about the Book of Mormon and how it can help them. I learned that the most powerful thing we can do in a lesson is teach simple doctrine then bear testimony. We all bore our testimonies and the spirit was so strong there! One of the girls was close to tears. It was amazing. At the end of the lesson we set baptismal dates with all of them for August 7th (my birthday!!!!!!!). It was such a great experience. Like I said last weekend was hard and discouraging but we endured through it and kept working and put our trust in the Lord and as we did that God delivered us out of bondage and gave us 3 new people to teach and softened their hearts and the heart of CJ. It was such a great learning experience. I’m learning so much and I love it.

I’m so grateful for all you do and I’m so grateful Dena is home safe and can now take warm showers and drink ice cold water and not have to worry about nasty cockroaches. I love you all so much and thank you for your prayers. Always remember to keep on keepin on! Love ya

Love Elder Weston Reay

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