Friday, November 18, 2011

We WILL come out on top!

Hi Everybody,
How is everything going? Que pasa? That's about as much Spanish as I learned in my short 4 weeks in Hereford. I got transferred to Plainview. It is right outside of Lubbock. We were doing so well in Hereford. We had a lot of success in the short time I was there. It was 4 weeks that we were so busy we barely had time to knock on doors and that is a blessing for sure!
Plainview will be a lot different! We are gonna have to knock doors all day which will be just fine with me. We will get to see miracles.
I have learned a lot on my mission and what I am gonna write about today is our own personal spiritual ladders. Everyone is on different steps of their spiritual ladder. Some people come out on their missions more prepared. Some people that we meet aren't as ready as others. Everyone goes through different things that make them where they are. The great thing about the gospel of Jesus Christ is no matter where we are on our ladders we can be helped and effected by the Savior's never ending atonement. it's such a great blessing to know that our weaknesses which we have can be made our strengths. When we go through struggles if we put our faith and hope in the Lord, Jesus Christ that we WILL come out on top. I know that to be true. I know that it may be a struggle at some times to get out of bed for church or wake up for work or go home teaching. But if we put our faith in Christ and figure out why these things are important He will help us do them and we will be glad we did. There has not been a day of my mission that I have regretted. I am where I'm at on my spiritual ladder because the decisions I've made. Sometimes we get set back a little bit but as long as we strive to move forward and endure through the trials and hard times we will come out on top. We will win the trophy. I hope we all continue striving to climp up our ladders and embark in the service of God so we can have his help through it all.
I love you all for your prayers and all you do for me and my family. Remember............ keep on keepin on!

Love Elder Reay

(there is alot of pictures this week...check them out on thanks Laura)

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