Thursday, November 10, 2011

He's in Charge!!!

He's in charge we arent. He cuts us down because if we did what we wanted we wouldn't amount to anything.
The 3 simple steps to happiness in life are; 1. reading from the scriptures cause it heals our wounded souls. 2.praying cause it invites God's hand directly into our lives everyday and 3. going to church, cause it shows our devotion and commitment to the Lord. These 3 things bring more joy and happiness and peace than anything in this world can and I know that to be true. Those are the things that God has blessed us with to keep us on the path to eternal life and exaltation.
This week we have been really trying to be bold. my companion elder cassell has a hard time with it. He just has a huge heart but I've been helping him be more bold. He says ive helped him a lot. I never realized how bold I am now until this week. We practiced in front of everyone this week. I'm so much more bold and confident now then I used to be. I've changed so much on my mission. It's not that I'm prideful it's more that I have conviction and a desire to help these people better their lives and I want to act as Christ would and I know He would be bold, and with love. I am loving with my boldness too. It's so cool how much I've grown. I see the things that stuck out to me when I read the scriptures before and how much better I understand them now and stuff is so great!
I am so glad I went on my mission. It's the best decision I ever made. Thanks for supporting me. Keep on keepin on.
Love Elder Reay

Pic of me Kim captain (the dog) and Elder Cassell
Pic is of me with the coolest little turtle on my head haha
Pic is Elder White From Springville, love him
Pic is of our district Elder Cassell, Elder West, Elder Moss and I

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