Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas to all !!!

Hey Everyone’
Merry Christmas to all! I hope that everyone is doing well and I hope you all are going to have a great Christmas this year!
We are receiving great presents from the Lord this Christmas. We are baptizing two people on Saturday the 24th then on the 25th they will both be confirmed members and receive the Holy Ghost. They are so excited for it and they are such good kids! It’s great how God just gives us what we need to keep us going. Sometimes we feel like we are lost or we are in a rut but God knows what we need to get us out. I’ve noticed that all of my companions and all of the areas I’ve served in have been for specific reasons that sometimes I may not understand but it’s so great to have the knowledge and hope that faith in Jesus Christ can get anyone through anything! It being the Christmas season has reminded me of that!
I’m very excited that I will get to call home and talk to my family and see how everything and everyone is doing. It has been a littler harder to get out and do the work in this freezing weather but I’ve seen as we have been persistent and diligent in doing the work we have received blessings. It may not have been from where we were working or what we were doing at that particular time but God is blessing us in other aspects of the work and I thank Him for all that He is doing for me and this mission!
I’m thankful for all of you and what you do and your examples to me! Have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Love Elder Weston Reay

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