Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Gospel gives us these opportunities to fast and go to church.

Hey Everyone,
How's it going? Sorry I didn't write last week I was a little distracted and my mind was somewhere else. But it's back on track now. This week I want to just touch on two things that I have been thinking about.
-The first thing is church attendance particularly the Sacrament. As I was in church on Sunday I had the opportunity to bless the Sacrament. I read the words slowly and thought about the promise that we all recieve when we partake of the Sacrament. It really does help us keep ourselves unspotted from the world because we receive extra guidance from the Holy Ghost to be with us always. I also thought about all the things that had happened last week and when I went to church it helped me with the spiritual strength I needed.
-Another thing about church was one of our investigators had a long and stressful week and he texted us and told us how much he was looking forward to church. For him to have that knowledge that church is there to strengthen him and uplift him is great! He has the knowledge that it does keep him on the right path and is there for him to receive guidance. I read a story about fasting the other day in an old Ensign and it was about a couple with a daughter that was really sick from California. They had a church ball team that was really unified and it talked about how they had done so well in the church ball tourney in Cali. They qualified for the tourney in Utah. The team found out about the sick daughter and they decided that they would be unified as a team and fast for the daughter. They all broke their fast right before the game. The mom of the sick daughter had been doing a 24/7 watch on her daughter and had fallen asleep. Her daughter woke and told her mom how she was hungry. Before then she wasn't able to eat or keep anything down. Her daughter was feeling better and was able to eat. The mom asked the young men's president when she found out about the fast when they ended the fast and it was around the time the daughter had woken her up. It reminded me of the two very spiritual experiences I have had with fasting. When I was hurt on my bike and when my cousin was in a four wheeler accident. As I fasted this last Sunday I was at peace and I know that maybe I won't ever know if what I fasted for helped the particular person with what I fasted for but I know it gave me the peace of mind I needed. The reason I know that is because fasting is so powerful. It's wonderful that the gospel gives us these opportunities to fast and go to church and help us be better and make changes that bring us closer to our Father in Heaven.
Thanks to all of you who support me and my family and for all of your prayers. Keep on keepin on!

Love Elder Weston Reay
Pictures; Elder Rydalch and myself and
Moss, Alyssa and myself a.k.a. the goofballs!

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