Thursday, February 16, 2012

It snowed again!!!!

Hey Everyone,
How is it going? What’s going on? I hear Jeremy Lin is tearing it up in the NBA. That’s about all I know about the outside world, haha. Things here in Plainview are great! We are loving it here. There are a few really cool things that I would like to talk about. So this last Sunday it snowed like crazy and people in Texas don’t like to leave their house when it snows., so not a lot of people including members of the church came to church. It was kind of a depressing day and a rough day cause we had invited all these people that said they would come and no one showed up. We tried all these people on the phone that day and no one answered. It was freezing and we just wanted to get warm and go inside so we decided that we would try this last guy that we've been working with. He was home and of course let us in his house cause he loves us. It’s been a while since we've been able to have a good lesson with him cause it’s been crazy around his house but on Sunday we talked with him and his kids for quite a while, it was hectic but we asked if we could watch a DVD with him; Reflections of Christ. It was so cool to see how that video invited the spirit and how the whole atmosphere changed. The kids were calm and the couple we are teaching were just thinking about all the things that the Savior has done for them you could tell. It’s so cool how much I’ve been able to see over these past two years how important it is to have spiritual experiences every single day. Do the things that invite the spirit into your lives. It brings the peace and joy we all seek for!
The next thing that I wanted to talk about is following the promptings of the Holy Ghost. We all have been given agency and we can discern when things are from God. We know what’s right and wrong and as we follow the prompting’s no matter what we will be guided to the places God wants us to be and doing the things he wants us to be doing! This work is great! The members here are great! Especially Curtis Brown! He is my boy! You guys are all great! Thanks for your support! I love you all. Keep on keepin on.

Love Elder Reay

pic 1 Me and Elder Moss with a sweet teddy bear
pic 2 Funniest little girl ever
pic 3 Me and Jersey
pic 4 You find crazy things in alleys

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