Monday, March 26, 2012

Remember who you are!

Hey Peoples,
What’s crackin? How is everyone? So I hear my team(Louisville) is in the final four. Watch out! So things in Plainview are going great! And I am so excited for general conference this weekend! It’s so great and such an inspiring event. Sometimes I wish we had it once a month! We wouldn’t appreciate it as much probably! I can’t wait to hear exactly what it is that our Father in Heaven wants us to hear and particularly me! I’m sure there will be something that will just be great for me.
I have a great story this week and it’s along the lines of what I shared a few weeks ago but this story is so cool! It’s about service and being who you are and effecting people. It kind of reminds me of the story I gave at my farewell about the boy who was saved by the act of a friend. So there is one of our members who was in the hospital this past weekend and they announced it at church. One of our investigators was there and said he was gonna go visit the member. As a family they went and got a card which (was funny by the way) and they took it to the member. When this brother in the hospital saw the family, he was so surprised and said "I didn’t know you guys even knew who I was". The investigator said to him "you are part of the reason I’ve kept coming to church". When we went and visited him the member told us about this and I kinda started choking up because you never know the impact you have on people. This brother didn’t realize the impact he had on our investigator. It was so cool. We all have that impact on people. There have been areas that I’ve left and talked to missionaries months down the road and they said the investigators stuck with it cause I was persistent with them or because I had an impact. Just like a girl in Lubbock that my family got to meet last weekend. She told my Mom that before her baptism I told her something, that I don’t even remember but she said it helped her so much with her conversion. We all have this power and we have to always remember that our actions speak a lot louder than our words.
My mom sent me a story this week about purses and what women put in their purses and I know that she talked about how we have to have good morals and be examples of the believers and our pursers (or satchels lol) will show by what is in them, just life what we are doing in our lives.
That’s what’s up! But I love all of you guys. Remember who you are! Make sure to always be a disciple of Christ, people are watching and listening whether you know it or not. You guys are great and have been good examples to me and for that I thank you all! Keep on keepin on! God is great and this church is true. All the best!

Elder Weston Reay

The pictures are of my Zone on P-day at the skating rink. I was in my element and it was great. Elder Cherrington spinning and the other on is a great train that we made, love that teamwork!!

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