Monday, April 30, 2012

What's Poppin?

Hey Everybody, What’s poppin? How are things? Go Oklahoma City Thunder!!! Let’s all hope and pray the Lakers or Mavericks don’t win the finals this year! Well enough of my little sports rant... This last weekend was legit! We had the baptism for a little black girl named Genesis. It was such a great experience. She was so excited to get baptized and become a member of the Church. It was a great experience to share with her. What I want to write about today is something that I’ve been thinking about lately.. I hope we all do service for the right reasons. I hope we do it for the Lord! I think too often we think that because we are members of the Church of Jesus Christ that we have the easy road but that is wrong 100 percent! Joseph Smith explained that service is what our church is! We kinda fall into little ruts where we are content with the amount of service we are doing and we aren’t going the extra mile that the Lord expects from us. We have all made promises with the Lord that we will do all we can to build the kingdom and that includes less actives and friends that are not of our faith. When we fulfill our covenants and do all we can, we all will receive blessings. It is a blessing to get to serve. It is wonderful to help people anyway we can. We should never feel obligated that we have to go help someone move or go visit a less active family. We ‘get’ to do these things so the Lord can build us up. We signed up for this. Some of us do more than others and we can’t complain about those who don’t have as much responsibility cause like the Savior taught with the laborers, we signed up to do whatever the Lord asks of us and sometimes He wants to stretch us and we need to be humble and willing to do what He asks. That’s what trust in the Lord is to me. This has something that has been on my mind lately. I hope that if I ever fall into a rut that one of you will love me enough to help me out of it. If you are in a rut I hope you will do what it takes to get out of it. And what it takes is loving service. Be willing to do what you promised to do and you will be so much happier! I love you all and thank you for what you do for me. I will be finishing my mission here in Plainview, Tx. It is a great area and I love it here. Keep on keepin on guys! All the best! Love Elder Reay pic 1- me and my buddy pork chop
pic 2- genesis' baptism pic 3- me and genesis

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