Monday, May 7, 2012

Finding Investigators!!!

Hey peoples, What’s good? How is everything? Things here are going good. My service is coming to an end. It is crazy how fast time flies. What will I do when I get home? Any ideas? Today I wanted to talk about 2 things. The first is; last night I was thinking about the people from my mission that I absolutely love that have affected me. If they are on the email list I hope they know that I love them so much. The specific couple that I love that has changed my life that I will remember forever is the Slaughters! Man I love them and it has been a very long time since I’ve seen them but I want to thank them for all they do! They are the greatest people ever. They deserve the best and will receive it in heaven cause all they do for the Lord and their love for the gospel... great people! You all should be jealous of me cause I got to meet them and most of you haven’t.. (in your faces!) I’m so grateful for the wonderful people I’ve met! My life will be forever changed because of these people. The other person I’d like to mention is Sherry Gooden. Man she's great! She will never know how much she has changed my life and how much she helped me. In each area I’ve ever served in, I have had a lady that I called mom. It has been cool to find my own little mission mom's in each area and how great they are. How I can turn to them as I can my own mother. And as I reflected last night on these area moms that I’ve had, I was just so full of gratitude cause the love they show me and what they have done for me! I love all you mission moms!!!! The other thing that I wanted to talk about was finding investigators.. a lot of people think missionary work is all about knocking on doors but that is false. Knocking doors is not very effective. All the people that I have seen progress in the gospel were people who were referrals from members or friends with other investigators we have. We were at a party on Cinco de Mayo and there were so many people there and not one of them is a member of our faith. They were all great people and we were able to teach them by what we were doing and saying. I of course was running around playing tag with all the little kids having a blast and sweating like crazy. It was fun. And my companion got to sit and converse with a lot of them. We had the chance to invite them all to church.... none came yesterday but it was great to see that referrals are where the success comes from. Maybe some day soon. This Church is true and it will help everyone who will put its doctrine to the test! Everyone who tests it will know it is from Christ and from God! It’s great to have that knowledge. Go share it with your friends! It’s your duty! I love you all and hope you have a fantastic Mothers Day! I know I will! Keep on keepin on! Love Elder Weston Reay -me and my sweet razor scooter!

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