Tuesday, April 24, 2012

it helps them get ready for the Temple

Hey Guys, How’s it going? What is up? I hope all is well! Things here in Plainview are good. The thing I would like to talk about today in the email is about what comes after baptism and how much joy it brings these people. As missionaries we focus a lot on the blessings that baptism brings which isn’t a bad thing. It is a great thing, but one thing that I’ve learned so much about this past weekend is the blessings that come when they are able to progress further into their conversion by going to the Temple. On Saturday we had the privilege of going to the Lubbock Temple to go through and support a recent convert from Midland. One of my favorite companions Elder Nelson was there and it was so wonderful to get to be there for this recent convert. I got to Midland like 2 days after she was baptized so we worked a lot with her and it was cool to see her continue to progress. Saturday I got to see her more happy than the day she was baptized. As I was sitting in the Temple talking with her and watching her reactions to everything, it was great! The Lord taught me that yes baptism is so important because it helps them get ready for the Temple. The faster we get them baptized, the faster they will go to the Temple and receive that joy. Saturday was a day that Iwill never forget. As I continue on with the last little bit of my mission I will be using this experience as advantage. It motivates me to try and help these people get where they need to be, so they can receive these blessings. The Temple is the greatest place on earth. I felt so great in there and throughout the whole day! We need to all go to the temple at least once a month. It is so important to keep us in the right way. Just as we go to church to keep us in the right way those of us who can go to the Temple must go so we can remember and keep our covenants and fulfill our purpose in life. I love you all and thank all of you for your prayers support and love you show me! Keep on keepin on! God is great! All the best! Elder Reay Bay Bay

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