Monday, April 16, 2012

Hey Guys,
Hows it going? I’m gonna write this email this week quickly cause we are playing capture the flag as a zone in a few hours and we have to drive a ways to get to Lubbock. Today what I am gonna talk about is a crazy experience I had yesterday. It has showed me two things that I already knew but it just reconfirmed it to me.
The first is that God is real and loves us all! The second is that we all need to take every situation we are in and make the best of it. So we were visiting a member with the Young Men’s President and we were in the house with the door open and we were talking when we heard this pop and then we heard a scream. I jumped up and ran out the door as well as the Young Men’s President. The pop was a baby in a stroller getting hit by a truck. My first thoughts were "oh my gosh I’m gonna see a dead baby in a second." The Young Men’s President is immediately on the phone with 911. At this point we are walking over to the scene and I’m preparing myself mentally to see a site that I was thinking in my head that I didn’t want to see but I had to help however I could. We get over to the scene which was only a few hundred feet from the house and when we get there the baby is crying which is good to me cause it meant the baby is alive. The Dad pulls the baby out of the stroller and the baby immediately stops crying and looks ok. The Mom on the other hand was freaking out. She wasn’t hit or anything but her baby had just got hit. Obviously this was an accident cause they were walking in the street and the driver had sun in his eyes and didn’t intentionally do it but the Mom was accusing him of it and all this stuff just cussing at him and freaking out. She called her Mom and told her to come and was just going crazy. The ambulance got there and the EMT took the baby in the ambulance to check it out. The cops got there and were asking questions. The Father of the baby said the guy pulled up on the curb and swerved at them which was a lie cause the way the truck was parked. At this point I’m thinking to myself "how did this baby get hit by a truck going 35 miles per hour and not be hurt?" The guy driving the truck obviously felt terrible and was apologizing to whoever he could and felt terrible and the parents of the child weren’t making it any better on him. The EMT came out and said "this baby is perfectly fine". I learned a few things right then. God is real! That stroller saved that baby and miracles do happen. We witnessed a miracle! How that baby is not in critical condition is beyond me but I know God is watching out.
The being grateful part happened after we left and went back inside for the lesson. So were having the lesson and I’m sitting so I can see out the door and we hear these cars pull up and it’s the Mom’s family that pulled up and they come out of their cars freaking out cussing and attacking the guy that was driving. Instead of being grateful that the baby was ok they wanted to make the driver more miserable than he already was. Maybe it’s cause they are miserable already and misery loves company. But I learned once again that it doesn’t matter what happens to us. We have to have a good attitude and an attitude of gratitude is the ‘bees knees!’ It was an experience I’ll always remember. It’s been on my mind since it happened. It was such a testimony builder that miracles still happen and that God is real. I hope you guys think about this and think about things you can be more grateful for that you might take for granted. Let us all be the best most grateful people on the planet cause we are all truly blessed being members of this church and having all the wonderful things we have. I am grateful for all of you! I love you all! Keep on keepin on!

All the best

Elder Weston Reay

pic 1- Leiza's baptism.
pic 2- Kevin and I. Like my hat?

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