Friday, October 24, 2014

Food for Thought by Weston 2-1-13

Hey everyone it's me again. You probably are sick of hearing from me and if that is the case then you can just trash this right now: however, for those of you who may get something out of my emails or just like to read then here is some food for thought. I kind of have a confession to make. As many of you know I have made it a goal to go to the temple every week. Friday is the only day I can make it because school and work. I went to school this morning and I was ready to go to the temple after I got out of school. So I got out of school and I was tired. As I'm driving in my car towards the temple I just keep getting tempted to not go. I kept thinking it's just one week, you can go next week when your mom can actually go (my mom had to stay home with sick kids). I literally had to talk myself into going which I feel really bad about. I pulled up and I wasn't as excited to be there as I usually am. It was really just an off day for me and I know that when you are having an off day the best thing you can do is involve the lord more. So I went in and did work in the temple. Even after I did that work I didn't feel spiritually high or great after I walked out of there. I didn't feel like I wasted an hour or so of my day I just felt like it wouldn't have hurt me if I would have missed it. You might be asking yourself "why is Weston spilling all this to us?" I am about to tell you why. I got out to my car and I went to put my temple recommend back in my temple bag when I saw a little piece of paper that said thanks with a smiley face on it. It reminded me a few things. The first thing is that it might not have hurt me if I didn't go to the temple today but it might hurt someone on the other side of the veil. The second thing that I was reminded of was that even when you have an experience where the temple isn't as amazing as the week before or that one time you went with your grandma and felt the spirit so strong it is you showing God you are trying and when you do that he builds your faith. The reason why this little smiley thank you note reminded me of these things is another story which I am going to tell you. So this last summer right after I got home my family went on a trip to Oregon and California. When we were in San Diego (discovered by the Germans) we went to the temple and while there Dylan and I got to participate in baptisms for the dead. It was such a rad experience being in that temple and feeling the love from those people. After we finished the baptisms we went to go change and in my dressing room on the ground was this little piece of paper. It said "thanks :)" and when I read it I knew that it was from beyond the veil. There was someone waiting for Dylan and I to do what we did just like there are people who were waiting for me to do their work today. That note reminded me of that. I didn't go to the temple just for me, I went for those people who need our help. Every time I go I am going for someone else. I am a little embarrassed that I had to be reminded of that but I once heard a wise quote that read "good people learn from their mistakes but great people learn from others mistakes." The reason I say that is because it wasn't a huge mistake that I made and I feel like a lot of people forget the real reason we go to the temple which is for the people who need us. Learn from this experience. When we go to the temple let's all think about what we are doing and who we are effecting. I'm glad I had this experience because it taught me and built and strengthened my faith and it is my prayer that someone can learn from this. Let's build our faith and become who God wants us to be by doing what we are supposed to even when we don't feel like we are benefiting from it because it's not about us. Its about God and what He has asked. Thanks for letting me share my experiences. Keep on keepin on!

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