Monday, April 26, 2010

I got cleared by my doc to leave today
I am flying to Texas on Friday
I am so excited
How is everything at home?
I want pictures of Lois and Porter for sure
The day that Haley had the baby I went to the mailroom like five times to check and see if I had any mail
It was such a relief to hear that all went well and that I now have a niece.
I bet Porter is so cute her and is going to be such a good older brother
Honestly not a lot has been going on here in the MTC for me
I have just been doing a whole lot of physical therapy and so much personal studying
I am almost done with the Book of Mormon and I'm way excited
Imp going to finish it by the time I leave here.
So last Monday after I wrote my other email to everyone I was so sick of my crutches and I was like screw these things and so I just started walking around my hallway and I made about 50 laps in like 2 hours and I was walking really good and by the end of the week I was walking really good. I can’t quite run yet but ill get there soon enough. I have just wanted to get to Texas so bad. Wednesday was a pretty cool day. I got to see big Ramon and Scald and Riley Nielson. They will all be really good missionaries. I had a cool class on Saturday night by brother Marlow and he taught us about extending commitments and taught us that its a good thing when investigators say no to a commitment like baptism because then we can work on their needs so it was really nice to know that people saying no is definitely not a bad thing. Sunday of course was amazing! The spirit on Sundays here is so strong. We had a really good sacrament meeting and taught alot about the plan of salvation. And as we were talking about the plan of salvation I thought of my new niece and how a few days ago she was in the presence of our Heavenly Father. That is just so amazing! The plan of salvation is so amazing! I love it so much. Imp so grateful that I will get to live with my family again. After that we had sacrament and that was really good of course. I found out that one of the missionaries that are going to Atlanta is related to the turners who live two houses away from me. He is so funny and has black. Its nice to have some color in our zone. ya so after sacrament we headed up for the temple walk and it was legit. I took pics with Ramon and Scald and Riley. I took pics with Elder Palki who is my ninja. He is going to Ukraine with Elder Merkley and he is legit. He is leaving tomorrow and I will miss him. I don’t have much more to say. I love all your letters and all your support. Next time ill email you I will be in Texas. I love this church and what imp doing. I couldn’t think of anything better for a 19-year-old boy to be doing to prepare himself for life. This is such a great opportunity and experience for us all. I love you all too.
Peace out

Elder Reay

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