Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good and Bad.

First things first that movie SHS made ( was sick. My comp and me loved it! Ok so my week was pretty good. We’ve been teaching this guy named Domingo and he believes in Joseph Smith so we are going to keep working with him. It’s just hard to see him cause he has poor health so hopefully his health will get better. Yeah, so there are some more former investigators that have agreed to take the lessons again so were pretty pumped about that. Some big time drama went down with this lady Sister Brunson. She is the sweetest lady and has had the hardest life I've ever heard of and it seems to be getting worse but she’s so strong. I love her family they are the best. So ya we have some pretty good things going for us. I just hope they go through and we can start baptizing and teaching lessons like crazy. So Justin is an investigator and has getting married so he will be able to get baptized pretty soon. I rode my bike all week but unfortunately I'm not gonna be able to ride it for a while now, which leads me to the bad part of this past week. So last night we were playing basketball with some black non members trying to be friends with them so they will take the discussions and I wasn’t playing hard or anything and my knee has been totally fine, but I took a three and one of the kids tried blocking my shot and totally kneed my knee and it was in mid air and my knee cap popped out of place and I felt it and I fell to the ground and of course I started screaming, you know me. So yeah it hurt pretty bad but not as bad as when it happened in the MTC and I can actually still walk it’s just really sore right now. I’m doing fine so don’t worry about it yawl. Ya so I won’t be biking much for a while. If my knee would have been on the ground and stable then it would have been all good, but it was just free in the air so something bad happened. once the swelling and stuff goes down then I’ll be good it’s just sore. I can still walk around so I’m good. Let’s hope this next week is better. I love you all and know that so does God and we go through all these things to make us stronger and to test our faith. Love you all

Love Elder Reay

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