Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hey how are you? Things are going great here. Elder Haynie and I were going through our ward people that are part member families and we’ve been working really hard. I hope I don’t get transferred next week but it might just happen. Elder Haynie isn’t gonna get transferred cause he’s gonna be a district leader. So a kid I know from my school named Josh Martinez has been called to serve to in Lubbock. Crazy huh? Well the work is moving forward here. We are just trying to find those elect people. Our baptism that we had set for this weekend isn’t going through but that’s ok. We have been doing a lot of plan of salvation studies and it is cool to dig in to that. I hope all is well. I’ll tell about one family that might be good for a baptism and maybe by the end of the month if we play our cards right things will work out. His name is Antonio Pelliccioni and his dad is Rick and his dad is a member. His mom died when she had Antonio so that’s sad. Rick hasn’t been to church since 1978. They came last week for some reason but none of the members like greeted him or anything and Elder Haynie and I didn’t even see him. So we got his address and went over to try and see them but Antonio was the only one home. So we are gonna try and go by tomorrow and Antonio said he thought church was awesome so I think we will be able to baptize him and we will be able to contribute to reaching 60 baptisms this month. I hope it goes well. Love you all.

Love Elder Reay

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