Friday, July 2, 2010

Another Transfer ! WOW !

Hey peoples, So Ashley Erickson's family lives here in Abilene. her brother Zach is in third ward and I talked to him the other day. How is everything going? Antonio and Rick are doing OK. RIck said he's really busy. So he didn't come to church last week and we talked to him on the phone yesterday and he's too busy to meet with us. This lady named Diane Wright gave me the old fashion thank you card, she's so funny and legit. She says people should have the Christmas spirit year round and stuff. she's so funny. she's a recent convert and loves pen pals she said. She's awesome and that is the kind of people I get to meet here. I don't have any way cool stories for this week cause we are trying really hard to get referrals from members and stuff and so once that works out things will start picking up and I'll have some way good stories. I am having fun though. Oh by the way I'm staying here in Abilene for another 6 weeks with Elder Haynie and he is district leader so hopefully we have some success. One cool story we had was last night 7 of us missionaries were at Red Robin, celebrating us staying here and a member paid for all of us to eat. It had to of been 100 dollars plus. It was awesome and way good. My birthday is next transfer and I'll be 20 crazy huh? I will get a baptism by next transfer I know it. No miracles yet, but one thing I have to tell you is how shallow minded I was growing up. I thought the church was all about the Book Of Mormon and Joseph Smith and the saints crossing the plains and stuff, but it's not. It is really the restored church that Jesus Christ set up when he was on the earth. The Bible is the coolest thing ever. All the prophesies and stuff in it are amazing and I am grateful that we have the Bible to study.I am learning so much and it's cool. Our church is not centered around Joseph Smith and the restoration. It is centered around Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father's plan to make it back to Him again and the reason that is possible is because of the atonement and the restoration. it is so cool man, I love it.
love Elder Reay

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