Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happenings from the TLM

Hey people,
What is going on here in the TLM(Texas Lubbock Mission), well about a year ago our mission doubled baptisms and it was a big deal. They went from 20 to 40 in a month so they had a huge party. So ever since then we have been trying to triple that I guess and I am pretty sure this month is the month. President told us at zone conference that we want to get 60 and the way to do that is to work through the members. So we have been and throughout the mission we have been seeing so much success. We have 58 dates set for the next 3 weeks. He said that when we reach 60 and have another party, where we would all go to Lubbock. Every missionary in the mission and we will have food and just hang out all day and he said when they did that for the 40 that it was such a spiritual experience. So I’m so excited about that and so is everyone else in the mission. We will be like the first mission to triple baptisms. Our purpose as missionaries is to baptize and confirm and that’s what we do here in the TLM. We may not baptize a ton like some other missions but I think we have it so much harder cause we are in the Bible belt.
Everything is going really good, I am loving it. Domingo isn’t doing too good. I don’t think he’s ready. We haven’t seen him this week cause I think he has been avoiding us cause we were bold with him and told him that he needs to live his life better so he will be able to feel the spirit. We are still gonna keep working with him. He is a good guy. We have a few more investigators that we are excited about like Skyla, she is a 16 year old girl and her step dad is inactive and her mom isn’t a member. Her mom has been taught and Skyla has been to church and she enjoyed it. We have been trying to meet with her parents for like 3 weeks straight but they keep avoiding us, so finally we got sick of Skyla making up excuses for them so we invited her to come to church this Sunday and we asked her if she would be ok with us teaching her the discussions and stuff. So were excited about her. I think we will baptize her. We didn’t make it to 30 lessons last week cause everyone was out of town cause it was the first week of summer. It’s hard to get 30 lessons but we are trying our best and at the end of the day that’s all that matters.
Thanks for the support. I love you all!

Elder Reay

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