Thursday, June 10, 2010


Hey y'all or Howdy! (cause Kent wants me to say that).
Anyways how is everyone? Thanks for the emails and letters everyone! You are all amazing! So this last week was really good. We had zone conference last Thursday so p-day was on Wednesday so it seems like I haven’t had a p-day for a long time but that’s ok. We learned at zone conference that using the members in your mission is the most effective way so we are teaching a lot of members. It was a fun zone conference. The day after zone conference we taught like crazy. We taught a lot of lessons and it was cool. We ended the week with like 21 lessons which was really good for us and so Elder Haynie and I set a goal to teach 30 lessons this week and so far we only have 11 but I got a cool fortune cookie the other day and it said ‘no obstacle will stand in the way of my success this month’. Awesome huh? Ya so that’s way sick So we are gonna do great. So Tuesday I went to the doctor and it went well. The doctor said that my knee is fine. It’s just a little swollen and I stretched my muscle that holds my knee cap in place so it’s more likely to pop out of place easier than normal people. So I’m waiting for the swelling to go down then when it does hopefully we can get back on bikes cause I’m getting so freaking FAT. I have been eating so much. So yesterday was by far the best day of the week maybe even the mission so far. We taught our investigator Domingo and we extended a baptismal date to him and he said yes, so we are praying that it will go through. All is well here but it is way too hot!! I’m sick of heat.
I miss you all. I love you all and so does God. Keep up the good work! Peace

Elder Reay

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