Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jabanero peppers are so hot!

Hey Everyone,
So this last week was awesome. First off I’m just gonna start off by saying Jabanero peppers are so hot. Last Friday me, Elder Farr, Elder Haynie and Elder Christenson ate them. They were so hot but it was definitely a fun experience and I enjoyed doing it. We enjoyed it so much that we ate them the next day and Elder Bradford almost died and it was kinda scary. He was shaking like crazy ha ha. So we taught a lot that same Saturday and we taught some Spanish guys and it was cool. So the best part of the week was Monday Elder Haynie and I were trying to see some part member families and none of them answered so we were heading back to the apartment and usually we go a different way then the route I decided to take this day. Elder Haynie was on the phone and I turned down this street and I saw this guy so I pulled to the side of the road and I had a strong feeling that we need to go see this guy. He is a Hispanic guy named Hector. When Elder Haynie got off the phone I was like dude we need to go talk to him and so we did and he introduced us to his step son named Oscar and he wants us to come over tomorrow. He likes to feel the spirit a lot and that’s perfect cause our church is where it’s at. It was definitely a faith building experience and I liked it. I will never forget that experience. Follow the spirit everyone it is the way to go! We have some good appointments set up for Friday and Saturday and we are planning on setting some baptismal dates. Things are going great. Thanks for all your support! I love you all! Elder Reay

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