Thursday, July 15, 2010

This past week has been amazing!

Howdy y'all,
This past week has been amazing! So I told you about Hector and Oscar and how I was basically told by the spirit that I need to go talk to Hector then he ended up being really interested in what we have to say. So last Friday we met with him and Oscar and we taught them about the restoration and it went so good. The first day we met hector he told us about how him and Oscar’s Mom weren’t married cause her ex wouldn’t sign the divorce papers. Hector knows that it’s wrong and he said that the bible tells us not to do that and stuff but he actually calls her his wife. So that’s the background there. So we got to their house on Friday and we were talking to Hector and he said that they got a hold of her husband and finally he is willing to sign the divorce papers. Elder Haynie and I were psyched about it. By the end of the lesson we had committed them to pray and read the Book of Mormon and to be baptized, when they came to know that the things that we taught them are true. It was so cool cause they both were so into it and it was really spiritual. After we taught them and stuff and as we were leaving their house Hector was telling us about how he has felt unhappy the past couple months and told us how he knows God sent us to him and how he knows that God is working on him cause the whole divorce thing and cause he wants to teach his kids about the scriptures and stuff. Then we walked into his life. It was so good to know that we had that effect on him in just a few days. I told him that God did send us to him and that there is a reason that we are teaching him. It was so cool. We are going to teach them about the plan of salvation tomorrow night with 2 members from our ward (the Todds). Sister Todd is Mexican and so she is going to translate to Hectors wife and brother Todd knows Spanish. I’m really excited for them and I know that the Lord has blessed Elder Haynie and I for working hard and we are seeing results. Thanks for all your support! I love you all!

Love Elder Reay

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