Friday, July 23, 2010

The Prophet has new plans for us.

Hey everyone,
This last week not a whole lot has happened cause Elder Haynie went to Midland for training. So I had to cover two areas with another fairly new missionary but it was okay. But the cool part about this last week was Hector and Oscar of course. We went to teach them on Saturday and we taught his wife about the priesthood and told her how blessed her life would be if she came to our church. The only problem there is she only speaks Spanish. Elder Haynie and I are trying to get a Spanish class rolling in our ward and I think it might happen. But we taught her and it went good. We didn’t teach them the plan of salvation because Hector had to go but we are going to tonight. I’m excited! So Sunday rolled around and Hector said he was gonna come. And he did!!! He is a man of his word and he brought his son Hector jr. and Oscar. He really liked it a lot and I sat by him the whole time and he really loved the last hour during priesthood. He is so solid. Because of all that has been going on this week. I didn’t get a chance to call him until last night and he was telling me that he was kinda sad that we hadn’t gotten in touch with him until then. he thought we were gonna call him a lot earlier than that. It will all work though. He is so solid and I’m excited to see him get baptized. He’s such a good guy! And to make things even better, Oscar has a friend that is in our ward and he was excited to see him.
I’m really excited to use the new lesson plans that the prophet has given us cause Elder Haynie says it is going to help us teach so much better and we are going to see so much success from it! I can’t wait!! Thanks for all your support! I love you guys!

Love Elder Weston Reay

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