Thursday, August 5, 2010


Hey Everyone,
This last week was a hard one, kind of. Sunday was really good cause
we didn't expect Oscar to go to church but he ended up going. Hector
had to work, so Oscar came with a member. It was really cool. So we
had a few other investigators make it to church which was good. Sunday
night I talked to Hector and we had planned to visit them Monday night
and he was pumped! We went over Monday night and Oscar told us that
Hector and his wife have been fighting about religion. I think someone
from her church is telling her false things about our church so she
has been telling him that Oscar can't go to the LDS church anymore and
she doesn't want us to go over there so I called Hector the next night
and talked to him. He has been really sad cause he really likes our
church cause he knows it's true and he was mad at his wife. I talked
to him for a long time on the phone and I love that guy so much. I
really hope that all goes well with him! He is such an amazing guy!
I'm supposed to call him tomorrow night after he talks to his wife
about all this stuff again. I'm praying hard that the Lord will soften
her heart. That's the big news for this past week. Thanks for all your
support! I love you all! Oh did you guys hear that my sister is
training? She is gonna do so good huh? I love her she's the best!

Love Elder Reay

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