Thursday, October 21, 2010

How grateful I am for trials!

Hey everyone,
How is it goin? I hope all is well in your various parts of the world. Alpine is going good. We had Elder Jensen of the 70 at zone conference last week and what a treat that was. He truly is an inspired man of God. The spirit that he brought into the room was amazing. I can’t imagine what it would be like if President Monson came to our mission. I would probably pass out or something crazy like that. Zone conference was great and Elder Jensen talked about a lot of really great things. I was able to see my boys Elder Eppich and Elder White. It was great to see Elder White! But anyways this week I want to tell y'all how grateful I am for the trials I’ve been through. Just know that whatever you go through is for a reason. You may never know why but I promise there’s a reason for all of them. I have found out why I’ve been through a few of the trials I’ve been through. I was able to help out a person because I had been through something the same. It was so amazing to be able to help that person out. They didn’t know how to go about a lot of things and I did because I had been through it. I helped someone. I really felt like I did a lot of good and helped someone out. I’m so very grateful for the opportunity I had to do that. This could be the whole reason I got sent here to Alpine and I would be ok with that because I know I helped change someone’s life. Sometimes trials in our lives are really, really tough but there’s not a trial that you can’t overcome. God is not gonna give you a trial that you won’t be able to handle. There are ups and downs in life but as long as you do what the Lord asks and endure to the end then you will be blessed. So ya things in Alpine are pretty good. We have been and are going to continue to try our best to find new investigators and to work as hard and as diligent and effective as possible and we will be blessed. Continue to prayer for the people of West Texas everyone. They need your help. A lot of their hearts are hard but through your prayers they will be softened. Thank you so much for all you guys do! I love you and miss you all!

Love Elder Reay.

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