Thursday, October 7, 2010

Through hard work we will find success!!

Hey everyone,
How’s it going? I just want to start off by saying that conference was amazing! I know without a doubt in my mind that those men are inspired. Everything that was spoken was from our Heavenly Father. I loved every part of conference. Especially when they had the missionaries through out the world stand up in the Priesthood session. I was so honored to be able to be stand up and be mentioned. It was cool.
Things here in Alpine are going great! We have been working really hard to find new investigators. It’s pretty rough in a small town that has had missionaries in it for 13 years straight, but we know through hard work we will find success. It has proven. Last week we were looking for people to find and Elder Goden and I both had a feeling we had to knock on the same door, so we did. That is one thing we are going to do now. Whether it looks like they’re home or not we will knock on every door that we feel inspired to do cause the spirit is testing us. But anyways we knocked on the door and there was some twins and their cousin living there. The twins names are Janell and Danel and the cousin is Aaron. They told us to come back on Tuesday. They are solid. They are really
Christian and so nice. The twins are bubbly and only 20 years old. So on Tuesday we called up one of the members in the branch who is 20 and goes to college as well and she went with us to teach the twins and their cousin. Right when we got there the member (Leslie) hit it off with the twins. Man it’s so important to have good members to fellowship. We taught them about the restoration and it was really amazing! The spirit there was strong. We have Janell pray when we ended the lesson and she was so grateful for us coming over. I think that the twins will be baptized for sure. They will be such good members of the church! They love their Savior just as I do and that’s so important. they are supposed to be coming to church this Sunday. So everyone please pray for them. I’m sure they will come cause they are looking for a church to go to and they just moved here. Once they come to church and feel the spirit then I know that they will know this church is true.
We are going to continue to work hard so we can find more investigators like the twins cause through our hard work I know the Lord will provide. Thanks for all you do and for all your prayers. Keep on keepin on! I love you all!

Love Elder Reay

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