Thursday, February 24, 2011

This work is so amazing!

Hi Everybody,
I just want to start by saying that this work is so amazing! It’s so great how many blessings that come through obedience and sacrifice. I’ve made it a personal goal of mine to be better everyday, to change something and do it better from day to day. It is something that I am seeing bless my life and the lives around me. For instance we have two baptisms this coming Saturday. They are two young girls, one is Cheyanne Marrs and the other is Shawnee Marrs. They are really funny and enjoy when we go over to their house. On the5th of March we will have another baptism. His name is August Bowman. He is nine and he loves the gospel. He can’t wait till the first Sunday next month to bear his testimony. He’s thinking about the things he wants to say. We have been trying to be diligent with our finding and it is working out. We found a family of 5 the other day that we are going to start teaching on Friday. There may be some issues but I know with the proper faith and the wonderful spirit of the Lord it will all work out! I love the work which I am doing! I can’t imagine a better thing to be doing. I hope that you all will try to have missionary experiences daily because it will bless your lives. I love you all and want you to remember to always keep on keepin on!

Love Elder Reay

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