Thursday, April 7, 2011

This past week so far has been awesome.

Hi Everybody,
This past week so far has been awesome. I really, really enjoyed all of conference. One particular talk I loved was from the Priesthood session. It made me realize how important it really is to talk to everyone. In reality my companion and I are over every single person in the city of Carlsbad. Their salvation is on our shoulders and we have to do our best to be in tune with the spirit so we will know what those people need to hear. So they can come to know their Savior Jesus Christ. It is something that we are now working on.
We have had some good experiences this week. We went and saw a lady who we set a baptismal date with last week. When we saw her last week she wasn’t sure about her date for the 30th of April. We told her that she needed to pray about it and she would find out. When we taught her on Tuesday we asked her how the praying went. She told us she didn’t really get on her knees and have a prayer but she had one in her heart and was thinking about it a lot and feels comfortable with that date. It was just a testimony builder to see how powerful prayer really is. The spirit testified to her that this is what she needs to do for her family to get closer to eternal life and in the presence of Heavenly Father. The other amazing experience that happened yesterday; we had Jacob's baptism. It really was one of the best baptisms I have ever been to. By far the best baptism on my mission. His best friend Jaden baptized him and after he baptized him it was very spiritual. The whole program was. Jacob requested that a few of his friends bear their testimonies and it was just so cool to see how these young priests had been missionaries when they didn’t even know it. In conference we heard how we need to do as Paul instructed us and be examples of the believers. This is what these young men have been doing in their lives and they saw it pay off. They saw their best friend enter into the waters of baptism which will change his life. Sometimes we don’t know what our example may do for the lives of others but it did a lot in Jacob’s life. He is so excited to have entered into the way and so are all of us. It was something that all of his friends had been praying for and they saw it work. They got to see the wonderful fruit of their labors. I’m grateful I got to be a part of that day! It really was amazing!
Thanks for all you do! Keep on growing your faith and excelling in the gospel. That’s where the happiness in this life is which will bring you all eternal life in the world to come. I love you all and hope you all keep on keepin on!

Love Elder Reay

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