Thursday, May 19, 2011

Love really does drive the work.

Hey Everyone,
How is it goin? Things here in the Texas, Lubbock Mission are going good! We had our baptism last weekend and it went really good. my companion was really excited cause it was his first baptism and he got to perform the baptism. He had to dunk him three times cause Brian had a sprained ankle so the last time he just laid flat and my companion made sure to get him up. It was pretty crazy. It was a really good day though. I’m really starting to love the Midland Young Single Adults Branch.
The thing that I have learned most this past week is how much love really does drive the missionary work. I have learned that if I love all the people that I talk to then I will sincerely care about them and I will figure out exactly what it is they need to hear and do my best to resolve any concerns they may have. It is amazing how much love I have felt for all of the people that I have seen get baptized and most all the people I’ve taught. I think I’ve lost sight the last couple weeks of the love I need to feel for the people we talk to and also from just being myself. The only way that I’m gonna be happy is if I’m myself and work hard. I applied the love and being myself into one of our lessons we had on Tuesday with these two guys from Africa (Jesse and Peter). I wanted them to really feel the spirit and I wanted them to know how much we love them. I taught so much to their needs and tried to figure out what they needed. I felt so much love for these 2 guys and it came to the point where the spirit was so strong, so we set a baptismal date with both of them but Peter is going back to Africa for the summer but Jesse will be around so his baptism will be on the 11th of June. I saw how much love really does drive the work. It helps everything we do.
I know that God loves us and wants all of his children to experience the joy and peace the gospel brings and if we let the love for others be the focus of the work then He will prepare His children for the saving ordinances they need. The gospel is true. Jesus Christ loves us more than we can even comprehend! Thanks for all your prayers and all you do in your lives for God! I love you all!

Love Elder SupeReay

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