Thursday, June 2, 2011

I love the gospel and serving my Savior.

Hey Everyone,
How’s it going? I’m staying here in the Midland young single adults branch with my greenie for another transfer. We are going to work even harder than last transfer. President Robison is leaving at the end of this month so we have to show him how hard of workers we are and make him proud. So we are doing our best.
Lately what has been on my mind a lot is the things that I am grateful for! President and Sister Robison are some of the first things that pop into my head now that I’ve been on my mission. They will always be close to my heart! I love them so much and I just know that I came to the Texas Lubbock Mission for a reason. They have helped me through all the trials that I have gone through. President has told me time and time again that I have had one of the hardest missions and he’s one of the reasons I have made it through those trials. Another thing that has kept me going is my Savior Jesus Christ! Wanting to serve him and teach and learn about him has helped me so much through the rough times. I love my Savior. The last thing I want to talk about in this email that I am so grateful for is my amazing family. They all bring a piece to the puzzle to help me through the tough times. I’m so grateful for my family. I have the greatest family. They have taught me that attitude and love are two of the most important things that help bring success in life and that’s the same with missionary work. There is no dull areas in a mission there are only dull missionaries. The dull missionaries don’t have the greatest attitudes. My family has taught me how to apply these things in my life and it is amazing. When I hear attitude I think of the quote from ‘Remember the Titans’; "attitude reflects leadership" such a good quote. We all can be leaders if we have good attitudes. I’m grateful for these things that have helped me learn who I am and how to be a better person. I love the gospel and serving my Savior. Thanks for all your prayers! They have helped for sure. I love you all! Keep on keepin on!

Love Elder Reay

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