Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hey Everyone,
Today’s email is going to be short! I got transferred to Lubbock, where the Mission Home is and the temple are. I’m excited to be here but it was hard so to leave Midland. There were a lot of good things going on there in the next few months, but Elder Nelson and his new companion will take care of it.
I’ve learned something recently that no matter whom it is or what they’ve done. You need to give them a chance. I’m not saying anyone did anything like that I’m just saying people deserve a chance. You have to trust people and let them use their agency properly and do a good job. It will be for their good. We just need to be patient. It is cool all the great things I’m learning. I love the mission!
I got to see Sean and Haley and baby Lois last night. They are done with school and are on their way back home. Sean could be deported within a few months. It was so exciting and they helped us out alot! I was glad to see them!
Like I said I’m excited to be here. It will be weird to be in a family ward cause I’ve been in a singles branch for so long. It will be great! Thanks for all you do! Keep on keepin on!

Love Elder Reay

The 1st picture is of Curtis and I. He was the ward mission leader in the singles ward in Midland and now he is Lubbock in the singles ward. Great guy!
2nd is of my incredible collection of ties that people have given me, it is my prized collection!
3rd is when Sean and Haley and Baby Lois came to see me in Lubbock.
4th is of Elder Kenyon, Elder Kennedy and Elder Lajeunesse and I.

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