Thursday, August 18, 2011

He wants to go on a mission so he can be somebody else's Elder Reay.

Hey Everyone,
How goes it? I pray that all is well! Things here are going really good! We had CJ's baptism on Sunday night and that’s what I would like to talk about this week in my email! It was such a great day! We had stake conference that day and it was awesome! The Mission President spoke at stake conference and because he was there he came to the baptism. The Stake President came to the baptism as well. I have never seen either at a baptism. It was so great! I had to speak at the baptism. I shared a poem about friendship. I think that it really expressed my gratitude for being able to help CJ. Here is the poem:

Friendship is a priceless gift
that cannot be bought or sold,
But it’s value far greater
than a mountain made of gold.

For gold is cold and lifeless
it cannot see nor hear,
and in your times of trouble
it is powerless to cheer.

It has no ears to listen
no heart to understand,
it cannot bring you comfort
or reach out a helping hand.

So when I ask God for a gift
I’m thankful if he sends,
not diamonds pearls or riches
but the love of real true friends.

I felt like that’s what I was able to be for CJ and I feel like that’s what he is for me. He is my boy! He is one of my best friends now. I will remember him for eternity. He has now made the decision to serve a mission in a year. He’s got support from the members here and from his parents and even from Dylan my wonderful brother back in Springville. Thank you all for the prayers for him and all you have done. I would also like to share the letter he wrote to me. Here it is, his exact words. It may surprise everyone.

Elder Reay,
Just so you know I’m going to take up this whole page ^_^ hey bro!! Guess what I love you! When I try to describe you I can’t find the words! Except I love you Brother, I have a lot of love for you and your brother Dylan, He’s so legit, I can’t wait to meet him, and don’t forget you have to sign my scriptures and also whenever you get home you have to tell everyone about me. How cool I am, I love how you never gave up on me even when I left, you still called and texted me and wanted to make sure I was ok, and still wanted me to become a member and get taught even if it wasn’t by you! Well guess what? I didn’t want to be taught unless it was by you, So I came back to get the feeling back. You know I was feeling alone when I was gone and before I knew you. So I met you, you changed me for the better. You have inspired me to be the best I can be. I’m going on a mission, because the help you and Elder Nelson gave me. So to sum up how I feel; if it wasn’t for you, my best friend, my brother who knows where I would be? I sure don’t. Thank you for everything you’ve done, how much love you gave me! I don’t want to be just another person you baptized and taught the gospel, I want to be part of your human highlight reel. I love you Reay very much and I consider you family. I hope you feel the same way.
Ya boi!! Big pappa CJ

I’m so grateful that I could be an instrument in the Lords hands to help him. I know that if we are ourselves and love the people we talk to and do whatever it takes to be selfless that the lord will help us help them. We had to do a lot to get CJ where he is now but it is so worth it. He wants to go on a mission so he can be somebody else's Elder Reay. It wasn’t really me it was just God working through me. I’ve gone through what I have gone through so I could be what CJ needed. We all have this capability. God loves all of his children and uses other people to bring the happiness. I just happened to be the person this time and how wonderful it has been. This happiness I feel is what makes everything we do worth it! I love all the people who have helped shape me into the person I am today cause that was able to help out one of God’s children.
Thanks for all your support and prayers! I love you all! Keep on keepin on!

Love Elder Weston William Reay.

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