Thursday, September 15, 2011

I forgot what rain is like.

Hey Everyone,

For some reason everyone in my family decided to write me this week so I don't have a lot of time to email today. First off the weather right now is amazing! It is raining like crazy. I forgot what rain is like. It's been so long since I've got to play in it. This morning my comp and I were playing in it and having a good old time! It was dandy.
I have great news! Last weekend one of the guys I worked with in Midland was able to get baptized. Elder Nelson was the one that baptized him and I hear it went great. I talked to Elder Nelson and he said that CJ spoke on baptism at the baptism and he told him that the missionaries come and go but he always has his brothers and sisters. It's so true. We always have the members. We have each other. We always can rely on them to help us out. Part of our covenants as members is to serve one another and comfort those that stand in need of comfort and mourn with those that mourn. I read a talk yesterday about us as members helping those who are lost get back to church and to having the spirit in their lives. If you have a chance do it. It will bless you greatly and the lives of those around you!
Lubbock is great! We are having a great week and getting out and serving! The mission is great, Texas is great and the Gospel is great! Keep on keepin on my brothers and sisters!

Love Elder Weston Reay

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