Thursday, September 22, 2011

It is love!

Hey Everyone,
How goes it? Things here are going good! This past weekend was so busy. One of the busiest weekends of my mission. It brought me back to the good old days when I was in Abilene and we didn't even have time to sit down and take a 2 minute break. Saturday was insane. We got up and left our apartment at 7:30am then we did service the whole day until about 4pm, then from 4 until the end of the night we were out teaching lessons. It was so great!
One of the members here is such a stud! Last week we saw one of the families we are teaching, they are really nice but the wife kinda was not that interested but last Monday we had a way good lesson and she really felt the spirit. Brother Wright, the member of the ward was there. We asked Brother Wright if during the week sometime he would call them and see how they are doing. He texted us last Thursday and told us the night before he brought the family brownies with his wife. It was so amazing because the attitude of the lady we are teaching changed. She is excited to go to church and to learn about the gospel. She has been keeping her commitments now. She took work off for this weekend so she can come to church. It is so amazing to see what really can happen when you magnify your calling. Brother Wright is doing that right now and he is seeing blessings from it.
On Saturday when we were helping a lady move and I hit my head on a trailer and put a big gash in my head. (Clutz) It was insane! There was blood dripping down my face like the whole day, ha ha.
Another really cool experience that happened was on Tuesday I was on an exchange with one of the zone leaders and we were wondering what we needed to teach the guy we were about to go see. We were talking about him and we set a goal before we went in to his house. Our goal was: 'this guy is going to know by the time we leave that God loves him, Jesus Christ loves him and that we love him.' That was our goal and we taught to his needs and expressed Gods love for him through a story that my grandma sent me before she passed labeled "Now that's God". We testified of God's love by sending Jesus Christ and what Christ went through for him and we also expressed our love for him. The spirit was so strong and it was a great lesson! It really helped me understand what the doctrine of Jesus Christ really is. It is love! I know that as we all strive to show people this love that God has shown us, through the amazing things that we enjoy in life, that it can change anyone.
Thanks for all your support! The gospel is true and I love it! If you don't love it, live it and you will! Keep on keepin on!

Love Elder Reay

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