Thursday, September 8, 2011

The members are the means!

Hey Everyone,
How is it going? This week is going to probably be a short email. We have been stuck in the apartment the last two days due to sickness. We both have soar throats, a fever, a cough, and sinus problems. It is no bueno. There is a member here that took care of us yesterday. She went to the store and bought us all the things we need and got us some medicine so I feel right at home haha. It is great to have wonderful members of the church no matter where you go. I have seen that on my mission big time! No matter where I serve, I love the members and get close with them! I'm hoping I can do that here in Lubbock. A lot of them are busy with school and stuff but there are some great members here!
This past Saturday we went and saw this family that we have been teaching and we brought a member with us. We went to this house and it was one that our member had visited before. The guy we are teaching was so happy that the member had been there before, he felt more comfortable. Because we brought that member the fellowship was even stronger and the lesson went well and our investigator came to church the next day. The member was able to pick him up and take him to church. It was the first time he has gone to our church. The missionaries have been trying to get him to come to church for at least four months and we got the key ingredient and that is the members of the church. This ward is great at fellowshipping. they swarmed our investigator at church. He almost didn't make it to Sunday School, so many members were talking to him. It was so cool to see. I know that if we have oppurtunities to fellowship those who are lost that it will be one of the great effects on them, either coming back to the church or even them joining!
As members one of our greatest responsibilities is to teach the gospel. We know what we have is a blessing and we have to share it with others. The members are the means! It's so true. Thanks for all you guys do for me and for all your prayers! Keep on keepin on!

Love Elder Reay

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