Thursday, October 20, 2011

The field is white and ready to harvest!!

Hey Guys,
How's everything going? How's life? Things here are good. I just got transferred to Hereford, Texas cause the Mission President was worried about my knee and the fact that I was in a bike area, so he made some changes. I'm definately sad to go. I'm gonna miss the people we were teaching and the members. I'll miss the Gooden family a lot and the members who were just so willing to do missionary work. I have been in all 5 zones of my mission now. Crazy to think.
Herford is pretty small. There are only 15,000 people that live here. It's hard to get transferred from an area that is picking up a lot, but that's ok. It just makes me think that life is like this. There are challenges and trials that are thrown at us so quick and we don't always have a lot of time to react but if we put our trust in the Lord and have faith, it will all work out. I've learned that God's will is so much more important than mine. I didn't argue leaving because I know I'm here for a reason. Whether it's for me or whether it's for an investigator or another missionary or a less active member here, I dont know but I know that it's all part of God's plan for me and for this mission. His hand is in everything we just need to accept it. The love He has for us is amazing. I can only imagine the pain He went through watching His son Jesus Christ go through what He went through and He could have put a stop to it but He didn't. I imagine when I have a son it will hurt me just as bad if not more to see him suffer and God watched Jesus suffer everything. His love for us is amazing and He's not gonna give me or anyone else a trial or challenge that we can't handle. He's going to do it all for our benefit. It may hurt Him to watch us struggle but He knows it will be better for us. This life is all about progression and our trials are what help us progress the most. Challenges help us grow and love. This area may be a challenge or some of you may have callings that are new challenges to you or maybe a little girl that you nanny that's a challenge but it's all part of Gods plan.
Yesterday at zone conference we had the wonderful oppurtunity to hear from Elder Baxter of the 70 and he was awesome. He has a sweet scottish accent but Sister Augustin spoke yesterday and she talked about attitude. I feel I've been blessed with a positive attitude and that is what has helped me through all my trials. As we all have a good attutude towards anything no matter how hard it is, things will be better and start to look up for us all. It is my prayer that we will all put our trust in the Lord and have a good attitude and endure through our trials and we will come out on top. Thanks for your love and support! Keep on keepin on
Love Elder Weston Reay

My new address is:

301 West 15th St #8
Hereford, Tx 79045

The one picture is of me and my frong Bulbazor.

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