Friday, October 14, 2011

I am my mom's son.

Laura Reay to Weston
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Hey Guys,
How's it going? Things here are going pretty good. I kinda hurt myself again. I know what you guys are thinking and yes I am my mom's son. I'm so accident prone. I'm gonna tell everyone the story so they will have it first hand;
So we were helping a family in our ward clean out the garage. The 13 year old son, who I love was being a pest the whole time. It was funny, he and his brother were having a fire extinguisher war. They sprayed the heck out of each other and it was funny. Well while I was helping them clean the garage I saw a batman suit. I'm a Reay. I'm just like my brother Sean. I put the suit on of course and Zach was messing around with the fire extinguisher so I started chasing him. He took off and I was just acting like batman ya know. So I chased him and I slipped on some gravel but I didn't fall. I kept running and everything seemed to be fine. I went inside and was grateful nothing bad happened. I thought to myself if nothing happened to my knee just now then it will be a miracle cause the way my knee bent was not normal. So we continued helping them clean the garage and it looked amazing by the time we finished. My companion and I went back to our apartment to get ready for the rest of the day and my knee started to hurt. It hurt bad so I called Sister Augustin (the Mission President's wife) and she told me to stay off of it, elevate it and ice it for 24 hours. I've been doing that for two days and I'm sick of it! So I got a blessing from another missionary and I know without a doubt that the priesthood is the authority to act in God's name to bless his children. It is on the earth for our salvation. As Elder Draper was giving this blessing I felt so much comfort and felt the spirit so strong. It was a testimony builder to me to know how much God cares and gave us this power to bless our lives. I know that this is just another trial that I will have to endure and it will make me stronger. Thanks for your prayers and support. Keep on keepin on! I love ya!

Love Elder Weston Reay

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